Simply Joining Jesus

  • You gotta join the fun to see the Son!

    It's a new day with Jesus.

    So, I decided to spend it with a hundred of my little friends at Good Shepherd Preschool.  Bubbles.  Bounce House.  Good-Byes.  It the last day of the regular-school.  I notice most of the keikis are thrilled.  Not so much the parents.  School's out for summer!  But...many will be back next week for more fun in the Son.

    Joining Jesus on God's mission can be alot of fun.  Since Jesus did all the hard stuff, like taking our place before the Father, and living, and dying, and rising, he made it easy for us to have fun.  Fun in the Son...loving the good life and loving others.

    I think this is why Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me."  They sure get it.  Joining Jesus is fun.  He loves us.  Forgives us.  And goes with us.  Jesus said, "I am with you always." 

    So, to all my friends, enjoy your day with Jesus and others.
    Pastor Phil

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