This Sunday @ 9am

This Sunday at 638 Kuakini we are going to begin to listen to the roar of the lion.  Jesus is that lion; he is the Lion of the tribe of Judah.  When he comes, he comes to redeem and restore.

So, during these days of Lent, we walk with Jesus.  United with him by faith, we shall be set free of sin and live for God's glory.  It's time for us to listen to God and help others.

9am.  Service.  Restore the Roar.  Singing together.  Reading God's Word together.  Learning together.  Praying together.

Praying Together for 40 Days

During the days of Lent, we invite you to join us for a daily prayer, Scripture, and experience with Jesus.  For 40 Days during Lent, we are expecting God to unite us and ignite us.  Jesus is like a roaring lion.  That should get our attention.  So, let's pray, read, and get ready to see doors open for us to share God's love with others.

40 Days of Prayer Pray. Read. Experience.  TOGETHER!