Join Us This Sunday - 9 AM.

King David was the best.  He served as a Shepherd-King to the nation of Israel.  When he served, he was great.  When David was great, so were the people.  David writes a beautiful song about life and depending on God.  Psalm 23 is a beautiful song for you, if you want to know God more deeply, and feel peace and joy.  Join us this Sunday @ 9AM as we learn how God restores the soul.  I'll bet it has to do with Jesus.  Jesus said, "I am the Good Shepherd."  He's the best.

SUMMER V.B.S. It Roars.

Join the safari adventure to find God's goodness.  Life is wild.  God is good.  You can join with friends to find Jesus and His love every day at Summer V.B.S.  Doors open @ 8:45 AM, Mon-Fri, June 15-19.  Registration forms are available in the PreSchool Office.  You can also email or call 808 523-2927.  Bring a friend and join the good ride with Jesus.